SHADOWBANNING: Big Data and Algorithms -2019

The internet is a domain that tends to reflect the material world that we all occupy and vice versa. In a capitalist, patriarchal society that is vastly unequal, the reality of the online world reflects those same values; as exemplified by double standards and lack of consequences (for those who hold different forms of power) among other discrepancies that often go ignored. The illusion of freedom on the Internet only serves to benefit those already at the top of the social hierarchy; the marginalised who challenge these existing norms are constantly punished with no fair or due process. We as a global society must continue to push and challenge these corporations for more transparency if we realistically aim to eradicate different forms of discrimination in both the online and material worlds.

Women in the Public Sphere: Gendered Responsibility -2019

This essay will explore a number of intersecting factors that have converged during the recent murder of a Sydney sex worker and will interrogate the cultural perception of such an event. I will begin with a discussion on how violence is used to enforce patriarchy and how that links to ideas of appropriating of femininity. Statistics highlighting how prevalent misogyny is within contemporary Australian society rounds out the first section. The next section will analyse the role of discourse and mass media and how the pathologisation of both perpetrator and victim have direct impacts on our cultural understandings of gender roles. An internalised tension between sexual vigilance and the right to feel safe is also discussed in regards to gendered responsibility. The final section will consider the impact of dichotomous understanding of women through the Madonna/whore complex.

An Illicit Benefit: The Legalisation of Cannabis in the A.C.T.-2019

Cannabis has a long history with humanity and civilisations, yet the modern understanding links cannabis to the idea of illegality and criminality. This essay attempts to deconstruct the modern understanding and the way that the media has a key role in portraying the reality of this plant. The recent legalisation of cannabis in the ACT has politicised and problematised the reality of this plant, and this essay highlights the governments’ continued ignorance towards any evidence that challenges their own agenda.


-Every sex worker ever.

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